IT (Information Technology) applications have evolved from tools for limited use at the beginning to infrastructures for the social and economic activities at present and much more IT applications are expected for national growth and improving our life in the future.


However, we often observe problems related to the IT systems, such as

l  Piling up of the social and economic activities owing to IT defects (Quality issue),

l  Problems caused by magnificent overruns of IT development costs (Cost issue),

l  Delays of IT service launches, which cause opportunity losses (Delay issue).

Similar incidents have already been experienced in the past. One major cause of these problems may that lessons learned in the past is still in the form of tacit knowledge in the experienced IT engineers or managers.

We aim to contribute to improve smooth provisioning of IT to society (eg. improving project QCD goals) and also robustness of IT (eg. reducing risks of IT accidents), by Mieruka activities, which research tacit knowledge of experienced engineers and managers and clarify tangible solutions to such problems related to IT.


Hiroshi Ohtaka, Ph.D., PMP


IT Mieruka Research Co. Ltd

Examples of IT Mieruka as well as an organizational system proposed by us to promote Mieruka activities, which is actually implemented in Japanese institute (ITMI), are shown in this site. Any questions are welcome. Please contact to the following address.